Custom Toa Mata Mask Diplay Case

I apologize if this is in the wrong topic category but I am new to the forum. I have built a custom display case for my own Toa Mata mask collection and I would like some opinions on if whether these would generate enough interest to be worth selling or not. I have uploaded some pictures of the prototype at multiple angles. The finished product will look slightly different. Each case is handmade and the Plexiglas slides out of the top for easy access to the masks.

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Thank you guys for all the fast replys! It really seems that you guys like the case, and want my collection! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now for the big question. How much would you people be willing to spend on such a case? It would include the Bionicle Toa heads, the mounts for the heads already attached to the case, and the case itself, but no masks.


Oh wow. Now I want one.


Welcome to the boards! I’m MoaMahriMatoro, and I’ve been around here for a while. This is really cool, and I think people would be willing to buy it. If you are looking to sell, allow me to redirect you to our Marketplace!


Pretty neat display you’ve got there!

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I am now really jealous of your mask collection…


Welcome to the MBA, for one.
Have fun and read the rules.

For another:
It’s so beautiful…

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This is very cool, and I’m sure there’s a collector or a few that would really appreciate this kind of thing.

Also, welcome to the message boards! Reading the rules and FAQ doesn’t take long, but I recommend running through them. The boards are full of good people, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay!

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I want this, I want this a lot

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You’re not alone

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Brilliant! It looks great!

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Thank you, @Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air, and @pizzacheetah for the welcome! The first thing I did after I signed up was to read the rules and FAQs. And thank you for pointing me to the marketplace. Even after just a day it seems like you guys have a really good community here!

@Scorpion_Strike Thanks! I am also currently working on a Turaga collection too, although I only have 15 out of 36 :pensive:.
You could have your own Toa Mata Mask collection too, it just takes a lot of time buying lots of masks on eBay, keeping around 10 from each lot and re-selling the rest. It only takes about a year to do.

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Brown row: spot the odd one out.

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Yes, I know it looks odd, but it is the correct mask according to Lego they never produced a trans-brown kaukau. The yellow misprint mask would look a ton better but I do not own one.

Don’t worry, it’s not like it’s your fault anyway. I would be impressed if level made an entire new colour just for a mask not even in a set as well.

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I want it but I wouldn’t be able to buy it

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Lol ok, I’m not too sure on price yet, still have some polling left to do.

If I had one for sale, would you buy it if the price was right?

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My gosh, how were you able to afford this!
It looks so good!

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I leaned very quickly how to use eBay effectively. I stared with $50 and didn’t spend a dime more on the collection and I also got around 100 figures added to my collection. It’s not hard, just takes patience. I do some woodworking so I made the case, it saved me a good deal of money on it.


I would certainly concider it.

Great! What would you say the max on price one of these would have to be?