Custom toa teams

I’ve working on a new toa team, and I’m wondering what some other people have come up with. share Ideas here, and I will explain mine once its near finished.

I’m the weird sort where a “Toa Team” doesn’t always consist of just toa. Being part of a “Toa Team” is more a form of employment than a grouping of the same species. So, often times I have other species, skakdi being the most prevalent, mixed in to add a little variety.


Great idea! I might use that for mine if thats ok.

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Go right for it man, It makes little difference to me.

It’s similar to MOCing, models are mine techniques are everyone’s.

You like the premise? Go for it! You want to duplicate almost exactly one of my characters? I’d prefer a mention.

good point, I just have only heard that Idea from you so I decided to check.

the last team I made up was while BIONICLE G2 was still a thing. I used the six primary elements plus Lightning, Psionics and Jungle, and had the Psionics, Jungle and Ice Toa be female while all the others (including water) were male.

oh hey, ProfSrlojohn. I’m thinking of including a toa of stone in my team, any non-toa recommendations instead?

Probably because I’m a sucker for ruining villainous species reputations and unlikely heroes.

I mean, it’s only logical. The Skakdi are always described as being violent, murderous, and treacherous, but surely not all of them are like that. Just like how there are villainous toa, (I. E. Tuyet, Nidhiki) there have to be heroic Skakdi, Vortixx, Steltian, Makuta etc.

In addition, it’s heavily implied being a “Toa” is something of a lifestyle, as well as a species, as evidenced by the Toa Code.

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Back in the day I did have an idea for a “Toa team” with a few odd species as well, including a Vortixx (Roodaka’s species), upper-class Steltian (Sidorak’s species), and a member of Axonn’s species. Never got around to finishing it. You’d need to identify what those species’ powers are and whether or not they’d be a good fit for your team.

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Yeah, making them fit is difficult. The best one I made was a Skakdi of water, but all of his powers were focused on healing. He had the ability to close wounds, provided he was touching the wound, and infection killing vision. He was rejected by the other Skakdi for being a pathetic warrior, due to his lack of offensive abilities.

The key, is to decide, what made them decide to join a Toa team to begin with. Considering they aren’t naturally predisposed towards the job like Toa are.

don’t all Skakdi need to use their elemental powers in conjunction with another Skakdi?

Yep, that was probably his only offensive ability besides whatever natural strength he had.

Skakdi can also use a tool that they can channel their power through, as opposed to having a second skakdi around
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(edit) Heres what Ive got so far: a toa of fire (has a miru), a toa of air (has a matatu), a toa of psionics, and a toa of lightning. I’m thinking of adding a non-toa being as well. any recommendations?

The most important thing about your team is that they play off each other as characters and from a visual design standpoint. Example: Nuju and Whenua have opposing scholarly viewpoints, which leads to their butting heads, forcing them to learn how to compromise and learn from one another. They also have similar armor (because they’re clone sets, duh) and their colors are opposite, reflecting their differing philosophies.

This video may help you figure out what roles you may want filled in your team, if you have some time to spare.

As for non-Toa inclusions, look at the list of sapient races and see what piques your interest. The unnamed species could also be helpful to you if you want to take a stab at fleshing out their lore some more.


I don’t mind any sort of Toa team, but what matters to me is character design. For the most part, I also agree with @SirKeksalot.

You need to keep each character’s story in mind. Why are they the way they are? What makes them who they are? What sorts of things can they do? How can their visual design reflect this?

It’s good to have contrast too. Something I love seeing in groups of characters is variation in size, shape, and proportion. If you have a really large, buff character, make a really small and skinny character to contrast them. Take the differences between each character and exaggerate them. The more different they are from each other, the more each individual’s specific traits stand out from everyone else.

That being said, try and find some way to make them look like a cohesive unit. If you’re making MOCs, maybe try and use similar textures or color patterns. Maybe a few of them share similar shapes in their weapons or armor or proportions.

When it comes to any team of characters, you need to make sure they all look like individuals with their own stories, but also make them look like they’re meant to be together.

A very good modern example: the new Voltron characters.


One thing to keep in mind is that Toa Teams don’t have to have six members, even in canon. Last Toa team I made only had four. A smaller cast is easier for me to manage.

Aside from that, Pakara and SirKeksalot summed it up well.