Custom Torso Design

So back in the hay days of my entry to the message boards, I posted a torso design on BioMoccing Tutorials. Since I’ve advanced me camera work, here’s a new Version for new people to use. I present to you guys, the Humanoid body type torso!

Simple design a came up with back in around 2010-11. Made it as a system to replace the inika build skeletons I had and trying to be creative. Though nowadays I use it as a default skeleton for some characters. It’s main strengths are the waist connection(the example frame here is using a slizer head as a post), movable metrutoran limb shoulders, and regular head connections. As for ball socket Joints, current ones like the ones found in Hero Factory, Chima or Bionicle CCBS are preferred, mainly for the waist, but ones that are strong can be used. Though mainly this design is very emotive, though smaller then the Inika build skeleton and expensive if you don’t have parts

Here’s one such frame for a Metru head, using a long piece(sorry for blur)

And it’s more common connection with the glatorian head

Though, as for armor and designs, possibilities are endless

Heres the metru head using the original design I developed

And then here’s a glatorian headed build with the custom backpack and the normal abs breastplate

The design is free to use right now, just please credit me if you use it in a moc or something. Critique and Comment!


Coolio. At first I thought the Slizer head was supposed to be a waist and was really confused.

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Kewl, another thing for me to use in my video :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks at nisgi 3.0


Wouldja look at that…




Juuust so you know, this “patented design” here is, though pretty cool, simple enough that a lot of other people have used it before you.




That has gotta be either the quickest coincidences I have never noticed or something else…

Maybe I should just close the topic and keep quiet

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