Custom Umarak and Ajax, Creature of Venom!

This is a version for Umarak, as well as his very own creature. Aww, how cute! Look at the two of them!


Ajax is trans-neon green because a lack of trans-green… oh well.

The torso feels a bit exposed, or empty…

I recommend putting a chestplate on him or something similar to that.


i like ajax, the snake idea is cool, but umarak imo is a downgrade from the original, especially with those horns and that exposed chest

Ajax? Like from the dish soap? Guess that explains the trans neon green. The moc must be lime flavored.

In all seriousness good job


To be honest, I just made it in a rush. An upgrade to my upgrade will come eventually! Also, I took the antlers from a deer moc I should have NOT taken apart. I’m just lazy. Also, since when has there been a dish soap called Ajax?

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You mean Francis right?

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I don’t mean to sound harsh, but that umarak is worse than the set in literally every way.


Oh my holy wow.

These are pretty neat.