Custom Visorak Torso.

Hello everyone! I’m new to posting to the boards (I’ve looked at topics for awhile now) and I’ve decided to post my very own M.O.C.! Growing up, I loved the Visorak and my personal favorite was Oohnorak, well, I got my hands on Takua and Pewku about a year or two ago and wanted to incorporate Pewku’s walking function into Oohnorak.
These are the results, I hope you enjoy!
P.S. I did make some small changes after I had taken these photos.


It gets the general look across, but upon closer inspection, it’s a little messy and bulky, and… Big.
Try to keep the sides and top smoother, with less kibble.


The reason the sides look the way they do is because of the function, as I stated it can walk and the function was taken directly from Pewku. I didn’t really have much of a choice when it came to coverage on the sides and I kind of do function first and then try to smooth out the aesthetics. Personally I like the more greebled look of G1 Bionicle than the smoother aesthetic of say CCBS, but thank you for the feedback!

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Oh, ok.
No problem!

The front feet barely reach the ground with that huge torso…

Actually, none of the feet have any issue hitting the ground. I just forgot to make sure the front feet actually connected to my desk.

Pretty cluttered but ok

I’d love to see the function in action! That sounds very cool.