Cut through the resting giant

been a while since i posted anything here, but hey, im active on my tumblr!
so, i wanted to share this little drawing i made, which is basically a cut though of the matoran universe while the behemoth was dormant.

i hope you enjoy these, and you might share your opinions/thoughts on how things would look like in your head!
see ya around!


I'm a bit confused about which islands are which. Other than that coolio!

Metru Nui seems a bit smaller than it should be, but otherwise this is fantastic!


Good drawing, but Mata Nui island and Mata Nui's head are too far from each other.
Island is his face, so there should be less distance.
Nonetheless, this is a good drawing and is fun to look on it.

omg I love it

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What island is coming out of his chest?

That would be Voya Nui.

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Not quite to scale, but it looks great nonetheless.

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That's awesome.

Cool. I thought voya nui was in mata nui. Oh man, I've got some reading to do.

Would somebody be able to annotate this pic? 'cuz I'm not too sure that the island in the neck and the one in pelvis are supposed to be.

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Very cool! Though I'm a bit confused on what the island in the waist is supposed to be

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-For reference

You see, the official map or the matoran universe just doesnt match the GSRs official model. So i had to pack the southern and northern continent and the islands around them into one big dome. The islands in the waist are the first two of the southern islands.

That island in the neck would be karzahni.


@cat I have a new wallpaper. Thank you!

Very impressive drawing (even if it might not be to scale) very detailed :3

Impressive. I like the style, too.