Cuts to Hero Factory Books

In the first Hero Factory novel you wrote, there are two odd lines that make me wonder if some stuff was cut from the book. My question is: were the HF novels originally planned to be longer, and had to be cut down?

the lines in question, if anyone's curious

As it turned out, two Hero Factory heroes, Stormer and Bulk, came close to finding it not long after. But the leader of Alpha Team and his powerful teammate didn’t know anything about it at the time, or it’s potential value, so they weren’t looking for it.
What things? Well, the galaxy might not be a few hours away from complete destruction, for one.

The line “what things” seems a bit odd, like it was either a response to something that got cut or reworded.

On the screen were images of three objects. They were all roughly the same shape, with jagged edges, and looked like the shattered pieces of something a few feet square. But even with the naked eye, it was obvious that these three puzzle pieces could never fit together. The sides simply didn’t match in any way, so there was no clear path to joining them with one another.

Emphasis mine. This detail never gets brought up again, so I’m wondering if it was part of a plot point that got cut for time.


Aren’t those supposed to be the pieces of the doom box?

Perhaps I should’ve been a bit more specific: the bit about them not fitting together to make a cohesive box never gets brought up again, and the rest of the book acts like you just have to click them together.

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No, the HF books were written to a set word count, just like all my LEGO-related stuff has been.


Sorry everyone. The Farshtey cut doesn’t exist.


Is that more to do with digestability or the attention span of young readers?

Is what more about the digestability, etc.? The word counts? They were the same word counts as the BIONICLE novels. That’s standard for a chapter book.

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