Cyborg - Beholder

“You feel the past haunt you suddenly”

Fast facts:

  • The robot arm was inspired by megalo box’s robot arm and the chainsaw was from Skeletron Prime

  • Since i couldn’t figure out how to draw a laser gun pointing forward i changed it to a Tommy gun

  • the scope was inspired by Gali Mistika

  • “you feel the past suddenly haunt you” was an unintended Enter The Gungeon reference but an intended Terraria reference

  • “you feel the past suddenly haunt you” suggests your party fought a regular beholder before


Its hard to see the drawing from that picture

no worries
i’ll try again tomorrow :slight_smile:

As soon as I saw the title i knew what it was.
Good job!

let me know if making the picture bigger makes it better
if not i’ll reshoot

It looks good enough now. So I see some kind of alien with a lot of arms and weapons. Looks good. Even cute

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alien… alien… it’s a monster from dungeons and dragons
from the aberrations category

calling a beholder an alien is like calling Thor’s hammer a tool
yeah, you’re probably right, but you just made it sound less cool