Cyber City Community Project

Hosting for @Guymontag.

This is just a little thing that anyone can join. the basic idea is for this to be a cyber punk anthology so anyone who wants to write a cyber punk story for this can. Also, they can take place in any cyber punk setting, not just a megaopolis.

I’ll start us off:

The neon lights of Kibatsuro City blared through night. “It’s funny” she thought “All the buildings look like glow sticks and all the cars like fireflies.”. She was sitting on the big neon sign that said VERMOUTH INN IN CURSIVE on top of the squat hotel she lived in. She was smoking a cigarette. She never did this, it was only the second time in her life. The first time was when she was in college, she’d hated it, and she was only doing it now because she was out of Globe Pops and the only place that sold them was closed. “Whelp, time to go to work.” she said as she jumped off the sign. She went to her room and grabbed her engine startpod. Then she got on her 2099 Mitsubishi Vakava and checked the time: 12:47. She smiled and said “God, I love being a cop.” She put the startpod in its slot, hit the gas, and she was detective Omega.

End Chapter 1, Part 1.

I don’t really care for that one. It doesn’t have any setup, the thoughts don’t have any particular ordering to them. There doesn’t seem to be much of a payoff, either. I guess it couldn’t hurt to try my hand at this, though. Might take a while.


Actually I thought long and hard about each sentence also lots of good books start in the middle of the action and this is only chapter 1 I admit it needs editing but it has it’s ow topic where it’s bee edited but this is all I have for now

So all you want are short Cyberpunk tales? I think I can do that. I presume these will all be gathered into one topic at some pint, correct? Also, is there any plan for actual publication in the future? Either way, I’m in.

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Yeah, just message @Guymontag, not me.

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This is the topic also it will hopefully be a book at some point hopefully but probably not.