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I personally tried attaching an Exo Force hand and it worked.

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You mean clip

Yeah, the same pieces used in the Barraki to hold the squids. I call them hands because the robot villains in Exo Force used such pieces as their hands.

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Please don't go posting my photographs without links to my original post.

Original Photo

And if you paint the mask it becomes much more difficult to attach hinges to the mask, since it scratches the paint and plastic, so do watch out.

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overthought of making g1 masks with the connectors of g2 I would pay for a avohki and mask of time{ I forgot the technical name}

Would be nice if we had a G2 Avohkii and G2 Ignika.

Something like these

Just more plausable to mold and ofcourse for the G2 heads compatible.

Also those drawings,yes, im totally into those. I like the center one from the right.


Honestly, all those masks look really strange, not at all like Bionicle masks, let alone G2 masks.

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Well the one @Perpetual drew is better, didnt see it up right before I posted.

looks at pepa avohkii but that exists...

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So about the Majora's mask. I know it might be kinda flat, but it is in the game anyway. If you put clips on it as is and uploaded it to shapeways, I would buy it.

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Where's this from?

And is it me, or does this kina look similar to Megatron from the Bay Transformers movies? XD

It's a photo of a concept design for the MoUP from the actual art book that was a prize from the Makuta Rebrick contest.

The images have links to where they come from and the people that made them, just scroll to the image and it will show you who made it, fairly easy to figure out what to do from then on.

I actually like this version of the Mask of Control better than what the official set's version. If Cyber-Hand makes this, I'll buy it! :smiley:
And if you freeze-framed on the commercial for the Umarak the Hunter set, this is what the Mask of Control looked like.

Because I will no longer wait for the ono printer, I'll buy the masks on shapeways now. So I wanna ask if the frosted ultra detail is better than the hi def acrylate.
And what is the difference between frosted ultra detail and frosted extreme detail?

Hey, the ONO is actually on pre-order right now. The orders will start processing June 22

And how do you know of this, pray tell?

but you need an app to actually be able to use it...which hasn't come out yet either...

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@Cyber-Hand, could you post some comparisons of the first edition of your MOUP model vs. how it looks currently? I was the guy who ordered the first edition in polished gold steel waaaaay back when, planning on getting the titan scale in high-def acrylate when it's finished, and I'd like to see what I'm in for!

Side note, does the black hi-def acrylate yield more detail than the frosted ultra detail material?

I actually also found another 99$ printer that's in kick-starter, but this one is obviously still a little ways away;
And here's a video review: