Cyber-Hand's Forge

Okay, I'll still wait until @Cyber-Hand has his printer.

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Mmm,mmm,mmm (like I saw a fine meal at a restaurant). That is one fine looking mask.

The MoUP or one of the others on here?

All of them.

@Cyber-Hand How's the Avohkii coming along? Its been a while since you've been on this thread.

@Cyber-Hand, any news on the ONO printer?

@Cyber-Hand, if you need any more references of the MOUP, I have a 1080p rip of The Journey to One. Let me know if you want some caps.

I would like to see regardless.

How did you rip jto? I want them:)

@Cyber-Hand Hey, so sorry, but do you have any files or anything that you used to make the clips for the mask? I want to try to make my own custom mask as my first project in Blender but I can't seem to readily find anything to help. ><

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I didn't rip the movie myself; I found a ripped copy elsewhere. Linking to pirated content isn't permitted on this website, so I can't share or link to a copy here on TTV, but I will say it is not particularly hard to find.

However, I have uploaded a supercut of all scenes in Season 2 Episode 2 featuring the MOUP in high quality (though the original rip is slightly higher quality), which can be downloaded here. I do hope this doesn't violate the rules seeing as it's not even two minutes of footage from the episode.

For the purposes of looking at the mask, I highly recommend watching at low speed in order to see all the frames. I hope this is of use, @Cyber-Hand.

Good work. I found the episodes yesterday:)

So whats the status of the moup? is it done now or is there still detail work to be done?

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Cyberhand claimed the mask was "99.9% done" and that he was working with Rollout to finish it, but that was ages ago. He's kinda dropped off the grid since, and only pops up once every couple months.

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@Cyber-Hand, are you around?

Probably busy with life. I'm pretty sure he updates on other stuff....

I'm sorry but I haven't heard a peep from him in around 2 months and I am getting very antsy. You would too if you were in the same boat as me. Sorry if that sounded rude but my patience is wearing thin and it is getting worse.

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Whats wrong?

Around a year ago, I wired him 30 USD and ordered a Villager Scale Gold Resin MoUP and the months after that were plagued with difficulties on both our ends and then he promised a G2 Vahi of the same color and type in July as compensation for the wait saying that they would take about a month or so to arrive so I waited until early September before I started to get really antsy. I am nearly at my wit's end with this order as I know he can give a quality product and that most of the issues were beyond our control but leaving a customer waiting for nearly a year on their purchase isn't good for business as they have been waiting a good long while with high hopes, patience and understanding regarding the issues that have caused the long wait but now, I feel that I need to use an ultimatum: if I don't hear back from him by October 5 2017 at the latest, I will cancel my commission, request a refund and give a negative review on him-I am kind doing that right now but still, the point stands. I honestly want to keep giving him the benefit of the doubt and regret giving the ultimatum but I am nearly at the end of my rope on this.

@Cyber-Hand, if you read this, please know that I don't want to cause you problems but waiting for a year has been a test of patience. Please, I want to write a positive review on this whole thing but this long wait's leaving me feeling like I have kinda been gypped and I know that's not the case. If it is honest forgetfulness or life in general that's caused these delays, then I perfectly understand but there is only so far one can stretch their patience. Please know I meant no ill will towards you and hope you understand what I am saying isn't meant to be said with the presumption of malicious intent.

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You could try contacting him on facebook. I did a few months ago and he said that he was waiting for a new printer to make a good MoUP to use in making the mold for the resin ones.