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I have contacted both of his Facebook accounts and PMed him on here multiple times about this and he said in July that he was gonna order the masks from Shapeways and make the molds from those then create the resin masks from those molds. He said he was hesitant to give an ETA and said a month at most. He seemed really angry with the ONO printer not arriving for the millionth time.

Does anyone know a way to contact Cyber that consistently works?


I honestly think that outside from his personal life, one of his biggest problems is that he's currently drowning in too many commissions. As soon as he opened the suggestion of taking requests and doing resin molds of his mask, I've noticed so many people on here as well as over on 4chan mentioning they asked about a life sized Miru, a resin this, a custom model that, so I'm not surprised he is missing deadlines. People have not been giving him enough space to even finish the MoUP before they started asking for other things. Is this inherently all his fault? Of course not. I will say the lack of his presence online is a head scratcher but we don't know his home situation. Considering his last update on this topic emphasized connection issues because of storms, I'd just wait a little longer. If you really need to contact him though, RolloutReviews is the best middleman I can think of.


Thank you. I'll keep that in mind. @Torque, how is RolloutReviews the best middleman you can think of?

Rollout was the one collabing with Cyberhand on the MoUP, and he'd mentioned he had Cyber on Skype. He's been afk from pretty much everywhere else, but maybe Rollout would have talked to him since this new hiatus started.

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Hey, does anyone know the exact X, Y, and Z, dimensions of the MOUP?

They can be pretty plainly found on the respective Shapeways pages for each scalar variant.

Titan Scale, in cm. - 5.5 W, 6.1 H, 3.4 D

Villager Scale, in cm. - 4.3 W, 4.7 H, 2.7 D

Wish ya luck, man! Hope that you can contact him if you're interested...


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Thanks, I have the 3D file for it, but somehow inbetween me getting it, and him making it (Whoops, that's in the wrong order) the scaling got all mixed up, and was like 40cm in the X value

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Interestingly enough, this is the second or third time today that there's been a miscommunication over something based on scale with me. Glad that we could clear that one up.

By the way, @BlackBeltGamer98, have you had any luck with contacting Cyberhand?

I am sorry but nothing yet. And that deadline is closing faster by the second. @Cyber-Hand, I do not wish to do so but that time is approaching. Forgive me if I sounded rude.

Aw man; sorry to hear that. I'd be interested in possibly pursuing a deal with him as well.

If I could give him advice, I'd say impose a limit on the orders he does and if he doesn't, it would be wise to outsource some of the work of making masks to others so that the burden can be made lighter and more bearable for him. He can d liver a quality product. I have waited patiently since January of this year and am willing to wait longer but I am afraid that I am, sadly, not at odds to revoke my deadline. @Cyber-Hand, please, just a simple update on what's been going on or just answering community and the concerns of customers potential and current. I do not wish I'll upon you, but only the best that can be.

If I were to venture a guess, I suspect that some of the issue is also based upon limited access to a computer that can deal with these sorts of inconveniences. I wish you luck in contacting himi, man.

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Have you tried his Discord?

If I knew his full Discord tag, the 4-digit number included, I would be able to do so. But unfortunately, I do not posses that information nor know anyone off the top of my head that'll actually know.

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I am putting this here in the hope that it might reach him.

@Cyber-Hand I don't know if you know about this service yet, it's a 3D printing service called 3DHubs: . 3DHubs is a 3D printing service where if you have a 3D printer you can join and start printing for others locally. The variety of printing choices may be different depending on the area due to what types of 3D printers are in the area(SLA, FDM, etc.). I'd suggest instead of waiting for the ONO printer, order the parts through 3DHubs using a SLA 3D printer. I almost forgot to mention that some people will ship the prints to you.

@Cyber-Hand, You still around? I am legitimately concerned about you, this silence is not like you.

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Asking Eljay may be worth a shot, as an idea.

I actually did acquire it. I have sent him a friend request and it is still pending. I hope he's okay.

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Ah, alrighty. Well, I wish you luck, man,

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He's dead Jim.