Cyber-Saur on a strange planet

Hi Sokoda here!
This MOC was my entry for Bricklinks AFOL Designer Program contest. It wasn’t selected as a finalist, but I still wanted to share it here.

Here is the Text I entered with the model:
A lonely machine, built millennia ago, on his way on an abandoned and strange desert planet.

The Cyber-Saur is a dinosaur robot, inspired by the Spinosaurus. The machine is long forgotten by its creators and now wanders the planet it was brought to a long time ago.

I wanted to build a model that shows, how LEGO system pieces and LEGO Technic can be used together for new and interesting building techniques. I thought the best way to represent this is something that is part technology, part natural: A long extinct creature brought to live threw technology.

I always loved Dinosaurs and Robots, I also am a huge BIONICLE fan and I wanted to give my own spin on the idea of Robot-Dinosaurs.

I chose a dark gray color scheme to emphasize the robotic aspect of the model and added the trans-bright-green highlights to give the model a more Cyber-Punk-style, because this color is glowing really cool looking under a blue light or a UV-light.

The model is posable in his head, tail, arms, legs, claws and hands. The rib-cage styled torso is a nod to Dinosaur skeletons and allows a look inside the robot, where I added some gears and pipes to give the Cyber-Saur a more mechanical look.

I initially added the baseplate, because I wasn’t sure how stabile the Cyber-Saur would stand, but it also allows some more creative poses when displaying the set. I chose a red ground and the blue color of the plants to give the Cyber-Saurs surroundings a very alien look. The broken pieces of technology sticking out of the ground are supposed to give the landscape a rough and abandoned look.

I wanted to do a Science Fiction or Space based set, without it being a classic spaceship, mech or vehicle. Furthermore I wanted to make the surrounding of the model look very strange and alien and use a combination of technic and system pieces.

I hope you like my model

Sokoda if anyone is interested, all the pieces are available in the colors they have in this set, so you could bricklink it if you want to


Slash? Is that you?


After googeling Slash I can see the similaritys^^, but this was not intentional


That is actually one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

Great work!


Thank you


This is really good… 9/10

Is it rendered in pov ray? It’s done very well.


No it’s rendered with’s photorealistic render function, because the contest was only.


If this wasn’t a finalist, I’m almost scared to see what was! This is brilliant!


Holy crap that’s fantastic

You had me at Dinosaur. This thing looks so menacing! The transparent pieces coupled with the skeletal really makes it pull off that cyborg aesthetic. The stand is a great touch, I especially like the robot hand reaching out.


Thank you Exx, really means a lot to hear from you!

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