Cyberian Cat MK-I

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I like cats, a lot. lol.
This is something I’ve been toying around with the past couple of days.
All I had planned was to create a feline body using Lego Constraction parts.
This was the result.

I originally had a cheetah in mind when I started building, which is kinda conveyed in its long thin legs and longish tail. I don’t think the overall body structure quite captures it though.
I nicknamed him ‘Clemson’ after the school colors of Clemson University in my home state. The college’s mascot is a tiger, but I digress…


Seems like a cat, albeit a bit lanky.


Those colours… :ok_hand:


A bit skeletal, but who am I to talk?
The colours are perfect.

Well I was looking at cheetah skeleton pics for reference when I started building this thing…maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that.

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Spud, I’d says that this needs a waist-black-ification. Nice, but those red balljointssstick out like a sore thumb.

Alltogether, nice, good job! :smile:

A bit skinny, but still great job.

Nice photos, Okay MOC.

Yeah. lol. Those came in place there due to the fact I was too lazy to browse for more black ball joint pieces in my parts stash…despite having a bumper crop of them from the recent 2015 line…

The one thing that irks me is the solid purple on the tail and trans purple everywhere else. other than that, coolio!

I like it, Coolio

This is a really nice MOC! The colors work really well, and most of the MOC looks good from most areas. I would work on the torso a little more, and try to find a way to add some of the solid purple from the tail into the rest of the MOC. Overall, great job.

It could use a bit more substance and armor, but a very good frame to be sure!

I love it because it’s a cat. Yay!!!

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Well. It’s definitely a cat.
Orange+Purple is actually a pretty cool color combo, but maybe fix up the torso. It’s a bit… exposed.
Other than that, nice work!

nice colors and the photography is really cool

Those half-beams on its cheeks should be replaced, but other than that it looks purrfect. The multi-jointed back should be great for dynamic cat poses

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