Cyborg cyclops minotaur MoC


It’s hard to tell that it’s a cyclops. The eye blends into the mask too much, and it makes the face look kind of sleepy. Otherwise this is a great build.

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Haha it’s kinda the point so when ur face to face or near the areas hes in, u dont know he spotted u, unless hes charging at u then u know, and thank uuuu it was tricky getting the parts to work out for him


The build is really impressive, those parts work together really well. I like the strong silhouette this character has. You should probably come up with a better name tho

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The build is quite impressive, and the head design is really clever. However, a few more close-up pictures might help, as I’m having a bit of trouble analyzing the MOC in detail with the current pictures.

I took a video of a 360 for it but I’m not sure if the board allows videos to be posted, u can see it better if you check out my insta


My buddie and I named him pognorock the destroyer :rofl: I’ve been getting comments saying “pogger” so I took that and used it in his name

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