Cyborg moc v2

Not much to say sooo: on to the moc


Why does it have three joints in its legs? I feel like this moc would really improve if you took out the middle leg segment.


Or at least covered the third joint so it couldn’t bend.

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Or even better, have it be triple jointed, but have faun legs.

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Ooh yeah! Love digtigrade legs! They can be so fun!


Like I said on the other moc you posted today, the proportions are all a bit off, but some aren’t as bad as last time. The head and arms actually look okay on this one, however, the legs look even worse due to how long they are and how short the torso is

Why he have two elbows?

why does your mocs almost always have double jointed limbs? FILPPING STOP

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Yes! The limbs are almost always too long! And awkward!


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You could just… Take off the middle section of the legs.


Looks like we’ve got ourselves a tussle here. Let’s take a minute to think about what’s been said, shall we?

A valid question.

Unless I’m mistaken and you are in fact employed in a managerial position of some sort, you’re not anybody’s boss. Either way, you’re not cotorax’s boss; don’t tell him what to do.

I understand your frustration, but giving a snarky reply in all caps probably isn’t the greatest way to facilitate civil discussion.

Tl;dr, take a chill pill, everyone. You can (and are expected to) critique MOCs politely. Please do so.


I just asked why the moc have two elbows…

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Yeah. I was pointing out that that was a fine question to ask, but then things went in a bad direction after that for some reason.


Sorry I lost my temper its just I hear it so much I just lost it so again sorry
also I don’t always handle my emotions well

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Three knee joints? The moc is pretty basic but it’s Okay I guess.

I agree with everyone criticizing this moc for the extra joints. However, I can’t deny that I used to do the same thing when I first started making mocs.

I’m still not very good at building complex mocs, either.

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