Cyborg Moc

This is a random moc I just made, hope you guys like it.

Here’s one from the back:

I know he’s a bit unfinished on the legs. How can I fix that?


uh… what’s the purpose of just stacking torso shells on the legs and arms? I know it could be for armor or something but that don’t seem right

the guy also looks more like a full robot, IMO


It kinda looks like you spray-painted the whole thing copper. Is that just the lighting?

How the heck do you have 4 torsos in copper? Overall it’s pretty basic, I like the head though.

@JMP It’s based off a samurai type thing with big legs. Thanks for the advice though.

@TheGreatMcGnome Lighting.

@Xing1870 Lol, it’s not copper.Just crappy lighting.

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What color is it then?

Just silver.

For you issue with the legs, it depends on which ccbs bone piece you use, if it has a pin hole can attach armor on it like on Kopaka Master’s legs

It’s pretty dang simple, but I do think those legs need some back coverage. Other than that, I like it (although it looks more like a machine than a cyborg)