Cyclops Unit 01 "Genesis"

Greetings all,

This is a finished version of a W.I.P I posted on the boards several years ago. Durring the course of building I kind of just started calling this thing a cyclops, thus the name. The colors are inspired by the “Titans” faction from Zeta Gundam.

<imgsrc="/uploads/db5640/original/4X/3/b/e/3be392c6c0756d7ba9027f603a85feebc626b9c2.jpg" width=“373” height=“500”>

C&C is greatly appreciated

  • Vex

That’s awesome!


Looks great, I’ll like to see more of these

I like the colors on this. Nothing specific or deep on the subject; the colors just look nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I knew how to build Lego mecha like these

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I want this as an official set!