Cylenia the Monster

“I’m beginning to sense that I’m not wanted here…”
“Murderers aren’t exactly the most fun to be around.”
-Cylenia and Ovaku

Name: Cylenia
Species: Glatorian
Gender: Female
Abilities: On-Point Long-Range Sniping, Hand-to-Hand Combet
Allegiance: White Claw

Cylenia is the most mysterious of the White Claw members. All that is known is that she was never in a Glatorian Arena battle, and that she had trained in combat and sniping long before the Darkness spread. This has led many to believe her a mercenary or a murderer. She never denies the possibility, but is a long way from confirming it as well. She is one of the five living founders of White Claw, and one of many who hate the team’s name. No one knows why she was allowed in a group of friendly warriors who depend and help each other, but Cylenia has proven her loyalty time and time again.

I made this moc just cause, didn’t put too much time into it. I’ve been using a lot of the same techniques (custom body, custom legs), but am trying to use them in new ways. Hope you guys enjoy, and any suggestions for future mocs will be welcomed!


I like the armour pieces on the feet, gives this great feel of boots or iron tipped shoes I guess, consistent with colours and armour so that’s a plus and the gun looks great!


Thanks! The foot armor was inspired by the Range Trooper figure, but it doesn’t stick out as much.

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