D.A.N the Assassin Droid

I wanted to make a combiner, so I took Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and Poe and made them into this thing:

Front View:

Side View:

Back View:

D.A.N killing Plorbin:

And here’s his sidekick, Hank:

So what do you think? Is Hank better than life itself?


hi dan


The feet are a bit big, but I love assassin droids.
His partner, however, is the scourge of the galaxy.
He could kill legions with a thought.


K gonna kms


It cured me of my bad eyesight.

DAN is a pretty cool combiner. I love the look of the feet. Makes me jealous, actually, because I’m not good at making custom feet. The torso is also nice, although the front feels too block-y and adding those add-ons on the top of the thighs looks awkward.

Solid MOC otherwise.

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Thanks Chronmickler!

I’m gonna go add a few more pieces to Hank now.

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Pretty cool

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Laughs myself into the void and back

DAN is really cool looking, the weapon especially. The construction is a bit exposed, but it looks nice and complex. So, basically, good work!

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Pretty neat. I don’t like the blocky, orange back.

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DAN looks great, but his legs are a tad bit long. But he is a droid, so eh.

Hank is just horrendous. :laughing:

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Woah man.

Why does Hank have to justify his existence in this world?

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dan has big feet and hank is beauty

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this actually looks amazing

but hank

hanks is the meaning of life

life exists so that you could bring hank into this world


I always love when people make combiners; really stretches one’s creativity with parts. This moc is no exception…

Hank is…special in his own way


hank is my new senpai
he is hawt~~


Hank is my favourite…

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Great job with the combiner! I like to do this sorts of things myself too.

The MOC looks almighty and imposing… until I look at the feet.
Seriously, they’re super funky and awesome, I love them.

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Looks really cool!

Hank is just the most beautiful thing I have and will ever witness.

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Dan looks great, hank is the meaning of life

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am I the only one who thinks that hank is suffering through life itself?


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