D-P35: Rogue Bounty Hunter

So first off, D-P35 is robot, who has flees his masters. He has a few out of place colors which are on purpose, and I am going to work on the chest.

Bio: D-P35 is a Druid in the run. He fleed his creators, and has been living as a bounty hunter. Along the way he has had to patch himself up, resulting in a few duscolored parts. He has built a heavy riffle into his arm, and then added a buzz saw. Along with his bounty hunting he is searching and destroying his creators one by one…


It looks like Boba Fett and Maxilos combined
Did he kill Matau?
I like it except for the blue piece on the leg

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Thanks, the blue piece is a repaired part of him, and no he did not kill Makuta.

His appearance looks rather decent and his equipment isn’t half bad, but the exposed Technic on the torso doesn’t contrast with the entire build and various of colors (green, blue) stand out badly despite the bio mentioning using discolored pieces.

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