D3a+/-/ (Automaton(Update))

(The improvements I made were that of the gap issues around the knees, and I changed the blaster on the bottoms of the wrists out of my own personal preference) D3a+/-/ (Get it?) is and automaton made for combat and assault missions until he got bugged and started to kill anything that wasn’t mechanical like he was. He has heavy elephant-sniper rifle round proof armor, although it doesn’t hinder his movement or speed in the least. His weapons include to shoulder mounted 6-shot mini rocket launchers, 2 wrist mounted plasma blasters with bayonet attachments, and under each wrist blaster he has a plasma heated flame thrower.


The head doesn’t really look like a head, but I like it in rest. Especially those Cordak Blasters!

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Aren’t those dual kordak launchers overkill?

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@LegoDavid I tried making the head look as robotic as possible, apologies if it doesn’t come out looking exactly like a head

@SonicBionicleMaster yes, yes they are over kill :yum:


This is nice! Big, solid, and super imposing. It’s awesome!

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Thank you for complimenting another one of my posts, so polite

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