Daggers in the Dark - Dark Hunter Lariska

This is my entry for Duckbricks Community Fanon Contest.

Studio file is available here:

File is incomplete due to missing parts in Studio so a more thorough breakdown including feet pics(!) is availble here: Lariska.docx - Google Docs

I’ll try and see if I can find the missing parts and complete the Studio model.

Any feedback is appreciated, hope some folks like it!


I like the tile blocking, it feels very natural how it flows together. It’s tough to see the black in the torso, but there are some part arrangements there that I also like; lot’s of texture tucked beneath the smoothness of the tiles. It looks like a closely assembled build, and that looks fun to make. Also really enjoy the head, makes her look fierce.



Yeah I think this Lariska is one of the best ones to use system parts well. Head and arm designs are cool. Nice moc! :wink:


I like all the system incorporated here.

Very nice/10


ooo fun!

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it looks good, but i feel like her arms are too short.

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I like this, she feels much smoother than the other Dark Hunters. Much more fitting for her acrobatic description.

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