Dagon's Display Stand

I made some improvements to my stand for Dagon as well as some minor changes to the leviathan himself in response to Ven’s moc spotlight from a while back. Mostly just changing the colour and design of the end of the tail as well as bulking up the mid torso section and removing some unnecessary detailing. Oh yeah also the backdrop is white now for consistencies sake. Hope you all enjoy.

Dagon: The Great Leviathan

Closeup of stand

Hole you all didn’t mind seeing this guy a second time here :ok_hand:



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Very impressive stand.

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I love how detailed it is.

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The stand itself needs a spotlight :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha idk about that, but I’m glad you like it nonetheless :blush:

thats actually pritty cool looking :+1:

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Am I the only one who clicked on this thinking it would be a Lego build of marunes dagon from the elder scrolls games?


Rip, nah man this is Lovecraft Dagon

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You should build some deep ones to worship this.

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Not a bad idea, I rather like that

I like how crystalline the water looks here, it really adds a more majestic feel to the overall model.

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Thanks! And yeah it certainly does make the overall display pop

Awesome as always! the waterfall adds a great effect!

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