Dagren: Beast of Electricity

And here we finish of the year with an electricity dragon I think it looks good even though the head is a little to big and the arms were kinda slapped on at the last second.
the wings can flap by pulling the tail or puching the head.


as always, a beauty


That's a colour scheme i've never seen before. The custom head, arms, and most of the body work nicely, but some areas look a bit jumbled and gappy like the neck and rear.


Pretty good. I know it's hard with the function there, but I think you should try to make the body a bit more organic. Right now it looks a bit too rectangular. Other than that and a few gappy areas I really like it. Nice work!

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Quite the interesting color scheme. The custom build looks great as well, though certain areas are bit gappy.

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Meh, it's not that great.

Oh, who am I kidding? That thing looks freaking cool! And a function to boot? Nice work, 10/10.


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This is amazing!

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Interesting colour scheme, i like it. Though the neck connection seems a bit iffy from the last 'dark' pic.

it's iffy but the space is needed for posing

I finally made the video.


So flappy...


Oh whoa

the tan and the neon green work together super well

kudos indeed.