Daia The Mecha Menace

Daia Is the Grand Engineer of the Kitan Empire

Daia Front

Daia Back

Mecha Front

Mecha Back

Daia With Mecha's Visor Down


Nice design for the matoran mind if I use it

Non-canon Kaukau Nuva is non-canon


sure your aloud to

Great when I get home I will make an army

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Very good @Adeptfever The Kitan Empire will Love that

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We need a kitan empire topic

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Those legs are...interesting. How good is the articulation?

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Well you see this is my first try with a robot so its a prototype I'll try to make different versions @Rockho anyway the articulation is three in the legs one in the arms

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Does anyone have any idea for Version 2.0?
And a NAme for the Mech?

I really like this. The mech is awesome, and the matoran build is cool. smile

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Thank you @PekekoaOfJungle what should I add for the update

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Maybe you can fill the gap on the Matoran's crotch? Then you could add armor onto it.

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