Damian Drost, the Wayward Cleric

Hello everyone on the Boards!

Have I mentioned I play D&D? I have? Okay, I’ll just throw away my script…

Well, I’ve got a new character, and this time he isn’t an edgelord, so that automatically makes him better and my new special boi, and if you hurt him I will be very upset.

Anyways, here’s a new pic I made with some squid-juice in various colors. Two, actually.

And some flaky carbon.

Let me know what you think, maybe, if you like doing that. If you do, I’ll give you your cookie: :cookie:

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The line work and the magicky blue shading looks great. But those eyes… what has he done in the past… what was done to this poor man?


This is great. Love how he looks as character, and I want to know more. His title also really fits his look. The angle also looks real good.


Amazing work
He looks quite mystical.

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Hey, he looks amazing! If you don’t mind me asking, which cleric domain is he? I would guess Knowledge or Arcana, but that’s just because of the blue

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As other have said, linework and shading is fantastic. I also love the expression given to this guy and the posing and perspective is just excellent. You made him look gritty.


He’s witnessed a lot of suffering in his time.

Thanks for your compliments! Perhaps I can oblige on the knowing more front…

Why thank you. He is quite mystical.

No, you look amazing!

He’s a cleric of the Grave domain, though quite an unorthodox one.

My thanks!

I’m glad you like the expression, I think it’s probably the thing I executed the best with this one. I also appreciate that he does indeed look gritty, he isn’t a very clean fellow as it is!

Thanks everyone for your awesome kind words and comments so far! You’ve earned a batch of cookies:


Possible backstory: he failed to save someone?

The stark shading and crisp linework is fantastic here. Definitely looks like an interesting character. Has the campaign started yet or not?

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It’s more like he’s saved too many people. But failing to save someone does affect him greatly.

Here’s a crispy thank you cookie! :cookie:

It has, I want to say we’re about 5 or 6 sessions in by now. It’s very exciting for all of us players to take what we learned from our first campaign and make characters that don’t need constant story retconns.