Dantheus, the ancient mask maker

Credit to @Risebell for the name

Oh mang
I love this moc
So much

This is the best moc I have ever made
So great
that I think it deserves me finding a way to take better quality pics of it.

This probably isn't its final version

because nerds
I have discovered how to use bricklink
and I am 50% closer to my dream of 100 balljoints
Just gotta get money.

Stay tuned
in 3 days time
The next moc of mine will be up


Dat meesk.

Great MOC. The pictures are fuzzy, but the point is made.

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Not even his final form.

I really like this. Especially the consistency and theming on the shoulders, chestplate, and mask with how consistently circular/curved they are.

It works super well.

@Nyran @FordianL


as for the fuzzy pictures
not sure what to really do
I can use a iphone or something, to get better quality

but that completely removes the purpose of me buying a camera

I will try to make my quality better somehow

all these squares make him a circle.


This isn't even @ToaVuhii's ultimate form.


Pretty legit, Poh-Tay-Toe

I'm not quite sure whether or not I like the lack of actual feet, but I'm leaning toward the "liking" side. I don't know how mobile he is, but He certainly looks sturdy.

Kind of like a gen 2 Axonn.


The colour scheme fits the character very well
That axe is cool
That gun is cool
I like the feet

Here and there something looks a bit out of place like the hordika necks on the knees or the studs on the hands
The abdomen/waist looks like it sticks out too much and makes him look odd
In certain poses the roundness of the chest plate looks really weird
He could use some extra armor on the top of his upper legs to make the connection to the waist look more natural

Whenever I look at this MOC I think "Whoa awesome!" But then when I start looking closer it just starts to fall apart a bit.

I think that with a little more armor on this guy in places like behind his chest plate or on the sides of his waist would really help this MOC flow better and turn that 8.9 into a 9.9 smile

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I do too.

This isn't even his final form!

Very concise, I like that about him. You've done a good job of making him compact and getting everything to fit with him.




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when I made him, I was leaning towards the stable side of things
So now his legs are like statues

Heres the thing
The hordika necks
are the best looking things I have tried so far

Cordak suggested sideways ccbs armour, which looked incredibly ugly, legomaster suggested balljoint with a thing inside, which was close with being the best
but I personally didn't like it
if you have any ideas, I will try

as for the open studs

I guess those are a problem?
They aren't that bad
so those are probably at my lowest priority

as for the waist
Keeping in mind I want to keep his hunch
I will try bulk it up,

probably would just give this a 7.9, or 8
because I do admit, this is some of my best work
but it isn't that good.

Tempted to get 200 balljoints

but I think thats too far.

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I was feeling generous and I just like this MOC :stuck_out_tongue: