A new version of Darclex! YYYAAAAAHHHHHH!!! this time I tired to make him look good, as well as make him not look like a Rocka clone. and I think it worked.

Theme song: Ghosts in the code by Aviators https://youtu.be/Lk6igv5hnns?list=RDMMLk6igv5hnns

Name: Darclex.
Gender: male.
Status: alive.
Race: Kerosiian/cybernetic enhanced being.
Tools: dual blades. blaster (formerly)
Age: 35 (about 20 for a Kerosiian)
Personality: Dark and distant. as well as calm and reserved. he tends to be depressed and/or vengeful. he also is known to be passive aggressive at times.
BIO: Darclex was born to a Kerosiian family on Kerosii 2, he lived a peaceful and calm childhood, alongside his younger sister, Racela. at the age of ten he was on his first hunting trip and chased a deer into a cave and was trapped by dark beings. he was later taken to a Kerosiian lab on Technor and was genetically modified, making him stronger, faster and smarter. as well as giving him different powers and wiping most of his memories. after a while he escaped and met another Kerosiian experiment, Crimson. the two became fast friends and Darclex was quickly recruited by Crimson's boss, Jazz. after a few years of working for Jazz, Darclex was kidnapped by the Lord Merceless and taken to the Deathbringer base. were his mind was wiped once again and he was turned into Merceless's personal assassin and deputy. he later played a important role in the Deathbringer/Galex 11 war. during the final battle of the conflict, he fled the planet and was hit by the beam made by Galex 11. he later rebuilt himself and was sent after RaptorTalon, whom he found in a battle with Kerosiian troops on Kerosii 2. they had a short lived battle, until Darclex knocked RaptorTalon out, yet he was soon assaulted by Magnum, a Hero he ran into while he worked for Jazz. he ended up getting beaten as the Heroes left. after a short time he went to a Kerosiian junk-yard. were he battled Galex 11 again and was blasted by RaptorTalon after a short fight. after this he went aboard Core hunter's ship and aided Merceless in taking Tower city. at the fight he encountered Magnum once again. the two battled for a while until Magnum incapacitated Darclex with a blow to the head. after the battle Darclex left the city and headed to the underground tunnels. were he met TigerClaw again. the two traveled to the Kerosiian lab were TigerClaw was created and Darclex was turned into what he was. the two were then attacked by a angry Dark Aeon. after they were beaten by him and were left for dead. Darclex decided to leave the area, yet TigerClaw told him to go on without him, which he did and he ran into Kerosiian troopers, whom he killed after interrogating. he later met Crimson again as well as ran into a large group of Kerosiians. they quickly defeated them, then went to Crimson's ship and left the planet. during the trip Crimson managed to jog some of Darclex's memories. after the trip Crimson took Darclex to meet Jazz again. during the next few years Darclex was part of Crimson's group of assassins and bounty hunters, until he met his sister, Racela again while trying to find the Creator. he later left and was traveled to Kerosii 1. he went to a inn were he met a female Kerosiian inn-keeper known as Kiala. who flirted with him and asked him for a dance. the two quickly grew close and fell in love until Kerosiian troopers attacked the city, burning the inn to the ground and killing her parents. during the aftermath the city was turned into a battle ground between Hero Factory, Kerosiians and the Void god Kastranus. during the beginning of the battle Kiala was killed by Kastranus, causing Darclex to go into a rage and joining in the battle. during the madness he high-jacked a Kerosiian ship and flew to the Kerosiian capital, were he bombed the city and killed the Kerosiian leaders. he then left the galaxy and was hunted down by Larkzan and his men a years later.

PHEW! well that was long, ON TO DA MUACK!




legs from the side.


Other side. and now for some action poses!

With Larkzan (who now has blllllluuuuuuuuuueeeee)

Fighting RaptorTalon.

With Crimson.

You all know who this is.



This is really nice! 9/10


Thanks! and because I only have one.

I still don't understand while more than half your stuff has triple jointed legs...

...but this is pretty alright aside from the legs being so gappy.


nether do I. but maybe because the race that they are have legs like that.

I will have to work on that. Thanks!

I like the torso smile


As do I, Thanks!

don't mention it m8

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why is there a random shell between his legs? Don't answer. :3

Blah, blah, blah, tl;dr.

Eurgh, I don't like it.

Go Darclex! Wooo!

Anyway, even though I've already seen this, I like it. The use of Scarox's face is AMAZING. It looks great. I also like his legs, (Bet you can't guess why) but his shoulders are really eh, I don't like them. 9/10

You ever wonder if this is why people don't like you?

You know, Samurai skirt armour.

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Thanks! why do you not like the shoulders?
I have no clue why you like the legs.




I've never really been a fan of mask-shoulder-pads.



Well I am.


I like mask shoulder pads there very unique. look at maxilos with his shoulder pads. don't those look AWSOME?

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I got to say this is pretty great!
But the shoulders look mismatched.

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Thanks! and they are...I need another Lewa.

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The masks on his shoulders don't match. 0/10.

Great MOC. 1/10 stuck_out_tongue

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das kewl

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