Dark - a poem

I made this to honour 5 years since a family member passed.

I look up to the heavens now,
Here on this dusty night.
Placing my holy vow:
To cherish you as is right.
Praising the great Lord,
Through and true
Backed by that heavenly chord,
In the, now, morning dew

And does that spring chick out there,
That blesséd lark,
Does it bare your holy mark?
Your protection against the dark?

I remember by the bedside,
Thinking of the good times,
Whilst fighting back the oncoming tide.
It was the last hurdle to climb.
Accepting that cursed fact,
Just as you closed your eyes.
But I still felt the impact
That I would never see you rise.

And whilst you may have gone,
You were that flame in the night,
Rising high as a kite,
O’ what a lovely sight.


Very neat! I don’t know much about poetry or whatever…but this is good…

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Really nice rhymes.
I like how you managed to tell the story throughout it, all the while using old English terms.
Awesome job!
(I’m sure that family member was a great person.)

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interesting, to say the least
not much of a poetry guy

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