Dark Brick 999 by Dark Brick 999

This is now my self MOC.

Please excuse the red ball joint, I couldn’t find another black one that wasn’t in use.

This is the second MOC I’ve made with waste articulation, and the first with movable fingers.

Unfortunately, it looks a bit gappy from the side, but that tends to happen with custom torsos.

The spikes on the back are there because I was originally building this to ride a vehicle that I made, but it ended up being to small, so when I put the rider on it, it looked like this:
(Video of this.)
But yeah, the spikes were to make him look more arrow dynamic, but I think it looks cool any way.

Also, because of the extra articulation, It can twiddle it’s thumbs!


I like him, but the legs seem a bit thin and the waist is way too skinny.

I know the waist is skinny, but how do I fix it while retaining the articulation? Also, when I put armor on the legs it ruins the G1 aesthetic.

You could try using a tire.

How exactly?

you gonna give him a little vehicle?

Bit bare, but nice!

Almost nothing else on the MOC has the smooth, CCBS aesthetic.
@ToaVoriki No, I already scraped the vehicle to make the motor centaur MOC.

Just use armor extensions. :confused:

What do you mean?

Groovy man.

Looks okay as a base, but he needs armor.

If you don’t want him being smooth, then use silver piston add-ons or some of the Breakout ones.


To cover up the CCBS Armor’s smoothness, use the extensions (Protector Chests, Fire Villain shtuff, etc.)

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Ohhhhhhh… (now I feel dumb.)