Dark ekimu (ongoing story)

All the villagers were taught from a young age that makuta was a villain and ekimu was there savior to protect them when he is awoken. That was until the skull spiders attacked. the protectors decided to convene in the sacred temple of time to decide what to do about there attacks and almost agreed to summon the toa.

Against Makuta's warnings, against his brothers hatred of outsiders, most just took it as the ravings of a madman, nobody ever respected makuta, when ekimu was killed the protectors learned of a prophecy , THE PROPHECY OF HEROES, taught by them by there master gre-fa the elemental creator in times of tragedy and darkness to call upon them but in his weakened state. Ekimu spoke the prophecy to the protectors for them to now summon the toa.


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The Protectors were wary at first remembering Makuta's warnings before his decent into madness and lust for power. the Protector of Fire, Narmoto, had known that Makuta was no madman, but more of akin to a scholar, being one of the most intelligent Okotians, until he started his rain of anger and power. He rose to create the Ultimate Mask to usurp his brother, even with his failure and banishment from the city of the mask makers. Now, Izotor took command of the council of protectors and as a loyal and powerful being, Izotor was not someone to challenge. Narmoto and the rest of the protectors had to recite this ancient prophecy ever since the great cataclysm. They knew they had to do this, but thier villages always came first. Now, the Temple of Time was the only known magical area since the Forge of Gre-Fa was passed down to the Mask Makers. Now the young villager Bingzak has given Nilkuu the six Elemental Stones to be used to summon our new heroes.

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