Dark Hunter Houarii

This is a MOC I made recently of a character I made up. While I have not given him an extensive backstory, he is a Dark Hunter (Also, he exists in my own made up version of the Bionicle Universe, that I also haven't really taken the time to flesh out yet). I honestly just wanted to make a medium sized MOC that somewhat resembled a samurai, but with my own flare put on the thing. So here it is. He is made completely of "classic" Bionicle pieces, not that I have anything against CCBS, but I don't have very many of those and I do prefer the original pieces.Tell me what you think, anything I can improve on, and so forth.

So there ya go...


Nice mic, I like the torso especially. Though perhaps you should add a highlight colour with the sopilver? Possibly lime green or trans red.

Something about this MOC reminds me of movie style Teridax. As for the MOC itself, perhaps an accent color would have been nice, though apart from that the MOC looks alright.

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he fat


I think this MOC could use a bit of color.

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i suggested some trans highlights earlier, what are your thoughts?

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This is wonderful. It's different and unique. It reminds me of some of the Dark Hunters we'd see in that book back in 2005 about them.

Really, it has a nice aesthetic, and if I saw that this was actually part of the official BIONICLE canon and not a MOC, I'd accept it as a real dark hunter.

Awesome! This looks like a combo model made by Lego during the Metru/Hordika age. Or like something you will find when looking for dark hunters on any bionicle wiki.

I like it. Very Dark Hunter-Esque, with a nice build. A highlight of some kind would be nice though.

Some red or blue, although some Metru green wouldn't go amiss.

Edit: One of those colors.

Really cluttered and jumbled but it coincidental or not has a dark hunter esque appearance. If you entered something like this in the Dark Hunter contest you'd probably get a spot somewhere.

He looks about ready to beat someone to a pulp :stuck_out_tongue: