Dark Hunters Original Names

Of course the Dark Hunters in the original Dark Hunter book used codenames, but what were their real names? After looking for pictures of Conjurer in order to build him, I stumbled upon a Bzpower list of some of the origianl entries, as well as pictures taken by the builders. Some of them had names, too. ( I’m not suggesting these names are canon. It’s just a neat thing to see the original names.) So! If you can find any other names, link them in the topic!

Conjurer- Shokdon

Darkness- “souless one”

Firedracax- Dragahno

Guardian- Unnamed

Kraata-Kal- “Darkhunter”

Lurker- Skarteke

Minion- Nahtarki

Primal- “darkhunter”

Silence- “Dark Hunter”

-I find it likely that “Kraata-Kal” is referred to as such within the Matoran Universe
-Primal is pictured in one slide with Lurker in his gallery, so his name may still be recoverable

If you are able to find any names, once more, link them in this topic, and we’ll try to compile all entries!


Primal - Nuoka
The document in the Primal gallery says this.


I never knew these variations existed until now, and it makes me pretty excited. At least for the purposes of headcanon, I’ve had problems with the canon codenames of the DHs. Most of them are just English words and would make no sense in the Matoran Language. So instead of having these as their real names, I would suggest that the variant name is simply the Matoran translation of the canon English codename, so that:
Primal = Nuoka
Minion = Nahtarki
Conjurer = Shokdon
Firedracax = Dragahno (Firedracax is just a mess linguistically, so my headcanon would just replace it with Dragahno entirely)

Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to most, but hopefully we can find more that do fit.

(EDIT: In case you’re wondering why I left out Skarteke for Lurker, it appears to just be a German word, so it wouldn’t help anymore than just leaving the English name)