Dark Knight: My Bionicle MOC/version of Batman

So, this being my first MOC posting, I'd figured I would post one of my favorites. This is a MOC of Batman, as you probably figured out by the title. The premise of this was simple, make a MOC of what Batman would look like in the Bionicle Universe. Also, I apologies for the picture quality. Long story short, I had to take the pics really fast with my phone, as I was back home from college and didn't bring my camera. I would've posted this sooner, but the original time I took them, half of them were blurry. Anyways, he was fun to build, and I feel like he looks the part.

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXKrsJZWqK0

But, no more delay. Here is the MOC!

A wider stance to show more of his build. I figured the hordika chest looked like the bat-symbol as well as added that silver-grey area around it, like on the bat-suit you usually see.

Boom, headshot. Actually, this is my favorite thing about the MOC, besides the MOC itself. First successful original custom head (I think, it may have been the second). Since he is a character in my continuation story-line of G1, this is also supposed to be a kanohi. Haven't thought of a name, but it's power is intimidation. The user has the ability to terrify his target into submission if weak willed enough, if against someone with strong will, it can make them uneasy or scared. It also helps in interrogations.

Upper torso

Side shot, so you can see some of the torso build

Back shot w/ "Cape." It's actually suppose to be more of a jetpack type thing. I figured, since he is a bionicle, he could go for a more mechanical look rather than the cape.

Here's one without it (sorry it's blurry, but you can see the build more or less.)

Here, you can see my attempt to make those arm-spikes. I think they turned out well.

Leg shot.

A quick showing of his legs bending. He's quite poseable, actually.

Back leg shot. (With grappling hooks on holster)

Speaking of Grappling hooks, here's an action pose with Bat's holding them.

GRAPPLING HOOK! (again, sorry it's blurry)

He stares into your soul....

With a more traditional cape

And here's one that doesn't chop off part of his head...

Thanks for taking the time to look! More (and with MUCH better photo quality) coming soon.


A looooooooot of technic here. Needs more yellow.

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I like technic builds, but hey, to each his own I suppose.
And as for the yellow, I actually tried to give him a belt, but I couldn't figure that out with the build, so I decided to go with the more darker version of Batman. I also feel that fits better in G1.

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I didn't know batman had a capital T for his body.

seriously, work on those proportions dude.

I can definetly see this as being a bionicle batman with the fabric Cape, it really helps the look.