Dark maker

this i the dark maker created to absorb everything making him infinitely powerful and almost destroyed everything until he was destroyed by the toa of blue axle


I cannot tell what it is due to how blurry the photo is
also we need more photos
we wont be able to criticise it

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That’s the best my tablet can do

Do u know how to get things on video

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Have you tried putting the Moc in a brighter room? It would make commenting on something other than photo quality much easier.

He has a few open ball joints that some extra shells may be able to fix.

Color is decently consistent. (And my favorite color scheme no less).

The knee uses an interesting design but do think it needs a bit of refinement.

Other than that I’d say its a 5/10. You know what? I’ll make it a 6/10 because I’m biased towards Black/Red.

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Half of the Moc is not even in Frame

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@Whaddon No everything but the feet are in which is covered by my finger

@Professor_Xevins Well I made a new photo
I thought the darkness would look good since he’s evil

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Dune reference.

The MoC’s legs are each built differently (Or at least it looks like they are). Neither look like they could properly function as legs. This should be rectified.

I’d give this MoC 3.6/10.

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I like it, but I’d like to see the lower half.

That’s fine but then you should probably make this a topic about the photos. When you made the topic you implied it was focusing on the Moc.

look closely, they look pretty similar to each other to me.

Ok I can see it now. It’s honestly hard to make out. I’d still say they’re far from well designed. The shoulders should also be raised.

Its an okay moc, but it’s a bit hard to make out details

Hes on one knee like an evil knight

Thanks ill fix that and then maybe itll be good enough for video

How about now

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again, I have seen many of your mocs now, they seem good ,
but could I recommend this

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