(dark Mirror) Toa starkiller, the monster

(full disclosure, I really dont like this moc)

theme: aint no grave by johnny cash. is hollywood just putting cash songs in their trailers now?
"the planet, nay, the universe you know is but one. one of many. beyond this world, this world of apocalypse and shadowfall, there lie many, many more. each different. but, among them, some things never change…

on a world not too far removed from this, the corrupt toa Tuyet took control of the Matoran universe. under her Iron fist, thousands suffered. few tried to fight back. but there where some…

starkiller was one of these rebels. a talented fighter, he was gifted a toa stone by fellow rebel Kobalt.for a short time, starkiller was the backbone and face of the revolution. but, in time, all heros fall.

starkiller was captured, and, instead of being Killed like most traitors, he was subjected to heinous mutations by the hands of tuyet. by the end of it all, starkiller emerged as a unrelenting killing Machine, his old mind suppressed by tuyet’s will.

for many years, he held back the rebellion, until a universally lost toa of light killed his mistress. without her, starkillers programming broke, and his old mind re-asserted itself. but the damage was done

starkiller left his toa brethren to seek solitude and never-coming retribution far away. but now, as the Barriers of the world come crashing down, I am left to wonder…
what use is retribution when the world is about to burn?"
the turaga of time, on the subject of the multiverse.


It’s actually pretty good, I like the Hordika head which does convey the theme of “monster” very well.

I actually really like the use of the green piping. Overall, nice!

He’s pretty good, if a bit edgy, but all I can think of with that name is this guy.