Dark Onua mocs

In a different timeline where the Toa are not the guardians of the matoran, but warlords and pirates, Dark Onua is know as the strongest warlord. He and his army have pillaged many villages conquered many foes. His guard wear navy blue skull mask, wielding faint sawblade shields and swords. Dark Onua has heavy amour and a twin bladed axe that strikes fear in his opponents.

Now pictures of Dark Onua

Now the guards are a incredibly simple build, making it easy to build multiple of them:


Interesting concept, but lacking in execution. Nothing too bad, mind you, just needs some more flare and complexity

I see, I went simple on the guards so they did not take up prices and I wanted to make Onua more stout.

…you’re making mocs, not retail sets…? :grimacing:

Yeah pretty much.

######i swear I’ve seen like three “dark onus” mocs lately

The builds are pretty simple, Dark Onua looks a lot like Skull Basher, the guards look odd with only a HF chestplate for front armor.

Also, is that a painted shield I see?

No they are not painted, I got them from a power miners set, and they are stickers. And I made dark Onua out of skull Basher prices since I never got Onua. And I know what you mean with the guard cheat plates, and ideas?

Use an 2015 Toa chest plate an some add-ons like the ones Onua has to bulk them up.

I would if I had more, and I wanted to use the HF add on from the animal series, but only have one.

Then I’m not sure how to accomplish that. You could always use Bricklink to buy the individual parts.

Yeah, I need to make an account. I want to but have not got around to it.