Dark Samux

A more corrupted version of Samux not much is know about it except for it’s bloodthirsty behavior toward Samux. (After hearing that Metroid prime 4 was in the works at E3 I wantewanted to make one of my favorite boss from the Prime srires )


For ccbs, I’d say this is pretty good. Metroid Prime 3 was a childhood favorite of mine, so I’m a bit biased, but I do like it. The waistline is questionably thin though, I’d try making it wider. I like the color scheme. Also, I noticed a lot of your pics are a bit shaky, so some of the more discreet details are a bit difficult to make out. Other than that though, good MOCing!

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Comparing both Samux, I can see them being counter-parts partially.

The wide mid torso make the moc look fat in some angles, the short lower limbs looks very awkward, and the back is inconsistent.

The back seems alright-

@Samtastictogo Thanks I have been using my cell phone’s camera Since I do not have a camera and tripod. And in the Meroid Prime srires Samus and Dark Samus are different I wanted to make them look different as one is of a beast while the other one is human like and I wanted to try a different build as well because I didn’t have the some duplicates of the parts I used for Samux

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that’s cool but the camres moving a lot

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I like the trans blue highlights but the blue mata foot and fingers stand out and don’t look the best with the rest of the MOC. Also, the proportions could use some tweaking, but I think this is a neat MOC.