Dark Takanuva, the destroyer of light


Edited the title
~~Vladin, Toa of Fire

Maybe try to add more gold?

An idea was to show the darkest side of the toa of light, so it must be as dark as i built.


While I agree with Vladin and thing there should be more gold, I really like the color scheme, just because it has purple. The horns are cool, the chain on the wrist is unique, the sword-spears are awesome, the only thing that look super weird to me are the lower lower legs. It’s not that they look bad or anything, they actually look quite cool in the first picture, but I know those pieces won’t be the most stable of builds, and I cringe just looking at them and imagining them falling apart in posing. Nice build!


Wow! Amazing!

Very good MOC!!

Very nice!

There’s some great colour blocking and shaping going on here. That being said, it’s difficult for me to fully appreciate this MOC due to the busy background (though i do like your Spider-Man pencil holder). Would you be able to re-photograph it against a dark background?

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Looks like those shadow leeches got to more than just his armor

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o hecc

interesting stuff