Darkbeing-Dragon Sin Of Wrath

This Moc is for my 6 year MOCiversary, I been working on this Moc of a good year or two and I’m very happy to share this with all of you. Oh for any anime fan out there, no I did not get the name out from The Seven Deadly Sins show, I had the idea to base some of my Darkbeings Mocs on the seven deadly sins and happing to pick a dragon to be wrath.

This Darkbeing is my biggest Moc so far, and that’s what took me so long to make it

Try to hunt this, Umarak

Here’s a better look at the feet

I’m very happy that I manage to add wast movement to a big Moc

I also use the new Toa torso part so I can add some rotate son to the arms

Last time I try to make wings like this, it was a right pain, but this was oddly very easy to do

The head is base around a dragon part, and it turn out better then I thought

I do like the arms, but the arms can’t move outwards only back and forth, which it’s ok but it did taking some pic harder to do

Here’s the Dragon with the Centaur and my self Moc Night and Night’s Darkbeing form

There can be only one dragon in this group

Being the Sin of wrath, the dragon can get sometimes out of control

Which only the Centaur can really put him in his place, and keeping him under control…mostly

Well that’s it for now, it’s been a great year, and I hope you like this Moc so let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


Now this guy is big.
My main criticisms are that the head looks too big for the body, and the waist seems a little awkward.

This is absolutely massive, I love how you used the capes as wings. The hands are probably my favorite part for some reason :smile:

I can’t criticise anything other than the fact that his arms can’t move outwards.

Overall: 9.8/10 Great job :thumbsup:

Feet look a little odd, but apart from that this is a masterpiece!

Wow… groovy man…
The head does appear to large for the body, and the tail is a little to small compared to the rest of the MOC. But that’s it, everything else is real groovy man.

Jesus F Christ, man, I thought that my SelfMOC was big, but now you disappointed me… I need to upgrade Eddie.


Holy cow, this is amazing!

So… big…
My only real complaints are that the lower jaw looks kind of blocky, and the bipedal stance, while it does look cool, doesn’t exactly lend it’s self to dragons.
(Also, how do you plan on making an intimidating villain for sloth?)

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We’re gonna need bigger handcuffs for this one, boss -Insurrectionist promptly mauled by Agent Maine

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My idea for Sloth is that he’s going to be a snake, but he has a ability that his head opens up to summon smaller snakes to do his work for him, while he stay back doing nothing. This what I plane to do with him, but I’m still working on him a the moment

Huh. That will actually be amazing if it works.

It’s big but Looks really clutered.

Nice MOC