DarkBeing - The Beast

The Beast was one of the first two DarkBeings to be made by Armageddon, the other been the Centaur

with the Beast I try some ideas I wanted to try for sometime, like having the mid arena to be slim and having the top being bigger

even that I use some ideas of mine, I did go a bit lazy on the legs (what, I can't be the only one, who did that)

that's not a heart, if you where thinking that, but it is important to a story I'm written

hay that spike looks familiar

here's the Beast with the Centaur. Well that's it for now let me know on what you think and I'll be back with more



I love it

He is certainly "The Beast".

Did I say that right? Am I cool now?

It looks great!

I really like how you did the custom face!

The torso seems a little skinny

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Pretty cool.


Wow, very good. Goes well with the centaur.

I think the head looks a bit blocky, but good over all. Also, that centaur does not look much like a horse dude. Then again, my centaur isn't as good, and it actually looks (kind of) like a centaur is supposed to.

You need to see my Darkbeing-The Centaur topic, there you can see why I call him the Centaur

Awesome work! Overall very unique :smile:

Really like it!

Not entirely a fan of the head. Kinda weird when there isn't much of a mouth.

Could you possibly be referring to my MOC?
Hint hint.

I like the complexity. It looks a bit like a huge, bestial, black Rahkshi. I like it a lot- keep it up!

I love it! Looks so cool!

The spikes look very cool

Sadly no, I'm referring to a another MOC of my, weapon

I got to say this looks great.
Really like the feet.