DarkBeing-The Centaur

DarkBeing are a group of beings, who are half human and half beast made be Armageddon.
Only two where know to be made, this one and a more beastly one. It is yet to be know if there are more, or how they come into creation

It has a shield on has arm, which it also double as a arm gun
You may be saying "This is not a Centaur at all" Well it can transform form a normal human to a Centaur
The reason why it can transform, is that I work on the torso first, and I like it so much I want to see how it look with two legs
The legs on the MOC are strong enough to keep up the MOC
Well that it for now, let me know on what you think, and I'll be back with more. Thanks for looking


He looks pretty good, but I think the feet are a bit too small, even for horse hooves.

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The only real negative I have with this MOC is that the head just looks wierd... Everything else is good.

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Eh... guess it's alright

story's bit iffy

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@Kiixaar Yes I do agree the head dose look wierd, it was just a place holder until I have something else, but over that time I ended up keeping it, don't know why

@JMP Yeah the story is a bit iffy, it just because I don't want to say too much of it

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The build look very sturdy and well built I love the centaur form overall 9.5/10 the shoulders seem to big to me

I don't like the head. Everything else is good.

I am not sure if that counts as a transformation. You just took off one set of legs and replaced them with another. Props to you for making two functional types of legs for one character, though. I like this project for the most part. It reminds me of the jaegers from Pacific Rim for some reason (probably the head). The sword and the humanoid legs are pretty sweet, but something about the torso just feels a little off. Not bad, mind you, just a little off. Nice job! Keep up the good work!

hey get that quick review going stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

This reminds me of Hecarim

thats my two cents


You know what, I to had a Pacific Rim feel too with this moc, but it was in the torso. It remind my of Gipsy Danger in some way

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The humanoid version's lower legs are amazing,the rest is pretty meh

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This MOC... is amazing. And major Props for enabling to transform.

This is so cool looking. I have no complaints. VERY well done. heart_eyes

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The head looks a little to small. But when in centaur mode it improves a little

Jesus and Christ having a post marital love session, this thing just looks absolute BEAST!
kinda reminds me of AoE "grimlock''

Basically if grimlock and Hecarim had a one night stand, jeez

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I got to admit this is great!
But that head looks small.