First MOC of the year is a quick build for my RPC in the Hunters Guild RP.


“Who has time to wait for night? The dark is already here.”

General Body:

Name: “Darkfall”

Gender: Male

Species: Unknown

Rank (If applicable): Hunter

Personality: A conniving shade, Darkfall has a jealous admiration of those with and in power, wanting to take it for himself. Often waiting, watching, learning from those higher beings to see how he might subvert and then end them. Unusually brutish for someone of his cunning, overly vicious at times. Has a strong mental fortitude and can notice when creatures like Kraata are trying to infect or influence his mind, usually resulting in their serrated deaths.

Weapons/Equipment: Two Rhotuka Launchers, an unusual device installed on his back that allows for channeling the powers of attached Kraata, and claws.

Powers: Rhotuka have the power of Darkness. Once fired, the desired area will be covered in darkness and any existing shadows will be strengthened. If using both Rhotuka, he’s powerful enough to blanket an entire Koro. If a creature or being is struck by this Rhotuka, they are covered by shadows and potentially blinded.

However, if he has Kraata installed on his back-device, his Rhotuka can launch their powers instead. The affects and strength of these Rhotuka are dependent on which Kraata he has on him. Using the Kraata for this purpose drains them of their lifeforce/Antidermis and leave them as a shriveled husk. This device is unable to use Krana or Kanohi; no other creatures/items are attachable.

Aside from that, his armor melds in shadows, making him difficult to see in areas of low light and practically invisible in darkness. Perfect night vision, though bright lights can temporarily blind him. He’s stronger than a Toa, though weaker than a bruiser like Krekka, and his hooked-claws can shred through Rahkshi armor with ease. If needed, his claws can channel what power/Antidermis remains in Kraata. Skilled at sniffing out and hunting down Kraata, Rahkshi, and other Antidermis beings. Though not mentally shielded, can notice other beings and creatures trying to influence or take over his mind. He is able to fight this off for a short time.

Strengths: Camouflage in darkness, stealthy hunter, and a cunning intellect.
Weaknesses: Elemental Light, frailer than he appears, sometimes impatiently and foolishly brutal.

History: At some point in time, Darkfall countered a Makuta and became awed and jealous of their power. He started hunting down their sons, experimenting with the Kraata to see how he might exploit their power. His poaching of Rahkshi grew to annoyance and so the Makuta hired the Dark Hunters to eliminate him. However, upon discovering his potential, the Shadowed One had him spared and recruited him instead. Now with admiring jealously of the Shadowed One, Darkness, and the Makuta, Darkfall would work on becoming more powerful and try to gain his own following within the Dark Hunters. So that when the day came that Darkness killed the Shadowed One, more hunters would be loyal to him and destroy his rival.

After the Makuta’s defeat and restoration of Spherus Magna, the failure of the Dark Hunters and the Shadowed One has left Darkfall utterly disappointed. And confused as to why Darkness, if he’s still alive, hasn’t taking the opportunity to kill the Shadowed One and take over at this point. But with so many others having left for the Hunters Guild, Darkfall too has now decided to check it out and if it is really worth it over the Dark Hunters. Who knows, maybe he’ll return to the Dark Hunters to end the Shadowed One himself and bring the rest of them into the guild.


looks really cool!


Neat head design.


Ooh this moc looks really good. The parts use and general aesthetic work pretty well at emulating the 2005-ish feel most Dark Hunters have, and the lore is quite nice as well. Also the head design is unique and cool.


great build really captures the dark hunter feel while also not looking as messy as them