DarkHenrik's photo comics (comics under remake, so there is no comics now.)

Have to remake the comic. and will be uploaded shortly.

why did i have to take the old comics down?

lets just say that an outside force was not happy with the comics and wanted them all taken down.


The suspense its killing me

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Umarak the Hunter vs Core Hunter



an idea i have for a future comic is for Umarak to try and get some help in his plans…

what kind of help you all will have to wait and see.

Do you need any help finishing yourself off?

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Kinda hard to read. Perhaps you can put white boxes behind the words so we can read them better?

a better idea would be to place the worlds in white boxes, under the images, thus the images are not covered by a big box.

but again, this was my latest comic and i will try and improve on it in the next one.
(which im planning on making once i have bought three more Umaraks for the story).

That seems good, too.

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question, what did you think of the story and the way Umarak is portraied in it?

Well, I haven’t read all of it because it’s hard to read, but from what I have seen, he’s pretty arrogant but also easy to surrender. It reminds me of classical Italian comedy characters.

Seeing his horns beat up and him losing armor is also pretty funny.

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