Darknel the Plagued

Darknel is actually a good guy. He was a failure by Makuta, who jettisoned him to an island with no name. He there guards a grand chamber of masks he discovered. No one knows he dwells there but Ekimu, who saw Makuta jettison him. Makuta, however, believes him dead.


eh idk… I don’t thing the design is to great, mainly in the head, shoulder connection, and the legs. I guess he does get the failed experiment look though but something in me wants him to be more complete and less ugly…


I get that it is meant to look infected/ugly/failed experiment/etc but there are better ways to do it, right mow he just looks super messy.


He does give off the vibe of a failed experiment, but something about his upper half doesn’t look good.

The pictures don’t really show the head well, so I’ll upload some here so you can specify what looks ‘off’.

Update: All these pics make him look even worse than he is.

I suppose it’s the giant body combined with the lanky arms. I suggest making the shoulders beefier.


The whole thing looks really messed up. Can’t really tell what’s going on.