Darknova3529 Self-MOC

here is my self MOC since I don't think I have to explain what that means wink.

this is my self MOC. for the people who have played the metroid prime games
my MOC can also use Phazon. he gets his dark powers from it. his energy comes from the hyper core (completly different from a hero core) he wields a giant (amaceing (sorry :P)) mace and has a hammer made out of pure phazon and phazite.
the build is a really simple CCBS build but I really like it, and it doesn't need to be really complicated to look good.

for those who are interested or want to understand what I'm talking about: http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Phazon

here an alt. version with custom legs, an alternate mace form and a better way to store the Phazite hammer:

I feel like the arms are just a little too short in ratio to the legs in this version.

THE BLUE ARM STAYS it goes with the "lore" (also not a *** arm)


feelin abit messy with the single out of place blue but otherwise Nice and simple self moc.

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Too many different types of CCBS armor add-ons... Put similar textured/shaped armor to give it more flow. Protector mask looks out of place, but it could be just me...

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Looks good. A Nyran shot would be nice. (back view)


the shoulder pads need to go, and the hero factory chestpiece looks out of place. I don't mind the blue arm, although the bone underneath it needs to be black. I like the custom legs though, and if you could do something similar with the arms, it would look very nice.

I must also agree with Rockho that the Protector mask looks quite out of place, but mainly because the neck looks too long and thin.

It's not bad though, it could just be better.

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The hammer looks a bit weird when it's on his back.

So... Looks and feels like a Bionicle 2015 moc, but has a purple hero core slapped in there... making it a hero factory moc, that looks like a Bionicle.

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I like his hammer

Here are my Self-MOC's from when I was a kid. I never took them apart.
no these don't need criticism. This is just for fun.


yes that is the pokemon name, my friend named it and I didn't know anything beyond Pikachu from Pokemon. So I just kept the name. the 2 feet in the back are part of a jetpack that moves up when he is going to fly or that was the idea back then atleast.

Dark lord:

I started to get into the darkness theme here wich has stuck with me. what now has the Visorak body piece was origionally lewa phantoka's blade and thats what is supposed to be there. I think that the right hand weapon was inspired by a keyblade from KH wich I had seen at a friends house.


I am jelly of the second guy because of his mask.



Trans black Kaukau.

I need not say more. I don't have that mask and it's cool.


ahh well somewhere in 2011 I noticed that my toystore sold the mask bags and bought all of them xD


Self MOCS? A self moc is what represents you in the Bionicle Universe. So there is two of you roaming round? XD

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I was gonna make a new version of my self moc but ended up making more of an alt version


That is Fantasti-cool™! I love it, the colour scheme is great. Good job!


EDIT: Wait, what? That alt version is awesome! I approve of the legs. I also really like that mace. Good job, @Darknova3529.

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This looks AWESOME! I agree with what you said about it looking good while being simple. those are my favorite colors smiley

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The alternate form did something right when it added the custom legs. I think you should make the rest of the moc like that. Don't do simple CCBS, that would just keep it as a re-skin of what Lego has already done with a cool weapon. Make it a custom build, that's all your own and is original.

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Dang man, that is some beautiful photography! smiley


I'm pround of these feet

@Sciencegiraffe is this different from what lego has done wink