Darknova3529's MOC topic

I made this topic for simple creations or for concepts so I don’t fill the message boards with alot of junk. When I feel like a MOC “deserves” it’s own topic I will give it one.

so let’s start of with a bunch of stuff.

HF drone:

a flying drone that protects HF from intruders.

Limack phantom:

he likes to shoot things.



a tiny rahi the size of a fly. it lives in cold habitats and can fire snowflakes from his tail to slow prey.

(a little bit over the top) crossbow

the zamor launcher and the furno plasma blades can be removed. without those it can still fire a projectile. you just have to use you’re finger and hit the arrow really hard to fire.


I love that drone and the last ones chest😓 I want it so much... Nice drone though love the atheistic to it.


I really like this one. Those shield pieces look nice, I may have to get some. They eye is a great concept, but I feel like it would fall out a lot. :\

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Awesome! love that drone!


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Kewl MOCs.

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I really really like the fly Rahi!


HF drone ( but this one is fiery :o )

this is its combat form

the weapons turn backwards, so it’s shape is streamlined. whis allows it to fly at high speeds.


he can fire a chain.

I really like the shield and weapon design.


I really like the chest+shoulder plates like this.

I also like the look of this gun. it’s not based of anything.

for the people who don’t like that chest piece.


a little creature with a mutated arm. he has learned how to utilize his arm. and uses it to throw heavy objects at enemies. there is a lever an his back that you can push up to throw the stone.


these look great

@Nyran I call upon thee as there is a knight here


I dig the helmet horns, and the shield like you said.

But it needs pointy shoes.

I don't know what pieces to use, it just does.


If I had them I would have used evo's feet from the first wave of hf and mixed more silver in his colors. or I would have made some custom shoes.

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Holy crap, I never actually thought of using the stud launcher to fire a chain! If you attached a silver katana or something to one end that would be sweet!


it works quite well I was surprised too


Okoto villager
earth region
miner with pickaxe

miner with digging equipment.

a digging machine worn on the back to dig out tunnels fast. miners have blue plating on their arms to controll the robot arms with their mind.

Lightning region:
protector of lightning:

I wish this was an existing element. this is how I imagine the protector of lightning would look, bright and the (stereotype) colors of lightning. she has a chain cannon on her shoulder that can wrap around limbs and shock them.

as for where the lightning element would live on the island of Okoto. I imagine the villagers living in floating pods in the sky, sort of like MP3C Skytown Elysia ( http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Elysia?file=Skytown.png ).


These are some very interesting MOCs, and I must say that I am liking the design for the pickaxe you made.

I think the normal miner could use some sort of armor on the upper arm. A #3 shell like the ones used on the miner with the digging equipment would probably work well.

Also, I am a big fan of the digging equipment you gave the second miner. It's a cool and original idea that I think works very well. thumbsup


Very nice! love both of them!

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I made this 2 weeks ago before I went on vacation to island, but I forgot to upload it.
I consider this one a failere but I still think the function was worth while.

the Idea was a sort of boss creation. the head can be shot wich reveales a new fase/phase. the head shrinks and the eyes go from green to red

I still tried making him good when making the legs after the body but when I got to the arms I just gave up on making something good.


I've never seen this topic, but these are cool! 10/10 smile

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I like the drone, the frelyez, and the crossbow.

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Here are some really old mocs that I still had around

based off this I made this


Those MOCs look impressive