Darth Trevans photography

so, I go on hikes to a mountain on the weekends, and this weekend I decided to bring some stuff and a camera then I messed around with them, here are the results-


-the rest are uploaded on my imgur account, their is around 20 pics-


Pretty cool!

These are really cool. :smile:

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These are really neat, makes me wish I had an interesting place to take my pictures.

I really like the chief ones

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Love the pics of Chief and Pohatu! great stuff here!

These are great!

I love the ones with Chief!

Oooh cool
I love the 4th one

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Pretty cool.

Look pohatu toa of australia is… um i mean stone yeah stone… any way he is in his natural environment

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I took more pics! (mostly of Spartans though)

These photos are :thumbsup:

These are awesome, man!

My favorites are easily the ones of Chief. I really liked a lot of the angles you got with these pictures, such as the one with Chief sliding down the rock slope or the ones of him hanging off the edge.

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