A recent F2P by Epic games. It’s a PVE MMO where you fight monsters. I haven’t gotten to play yet due to server delays but it seems fun

I can without a doubt say this game is very fun if you are interested in the type of game which is kill a monster, make equipment and repeat, the one issue I have is how much stamina it takes to dodge but you get used to it.

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Yeah its not bad. I’ll probably get stuck on a level and stop for a while eventually tho

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Started playing yesterday, so far I’m pretty happy with the progression system. There’s a lot of free game fluff in there too that’s a bit distracting, but overall I really enjoy the fundamental gameplay. Every weapon is unique and interesting, and they even have specific combos.

I am disappointed by a few things, namely a lack of classes. Everyone has to be a weapon user, and while each has a different flavor, it’d be really cool to be able to have tanks or healers as well, maybe even a mage class. The framerate also starts chugging the more players there are in the lobby too, at least on console.

They also have a dye and transmog system for their armor, which is very appreciated, and while the transmog requires a currency (that I don’t know how to get at the moment), you can change your character’s face at any time with no penalty.

Overall I’m excited to keep playing, hoping the game’s content keeps expanding.

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Classes would be cool.

While classes would be nice, they’ll most likely never happen as other games of this type don’t have them and it doesn’t seem like they’ll skew from that formula anytime soon.

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It’s not by Epic, the Devs are Phoenix La. Epic are the publisher who done what they normally do, buy games to have it on their store (which is not a good store front at all)

PVE means Player versus everyone, this game is a team based game akin to Warframe where you can play on your own or with friends (so the MMO side is correct) but a PVE is something like a Battle Royale

but I played Dauntless when it was in Open Beta back in 2018, I really enjoyed it. The weapons and the Monster Hunter/RWBY vibes got me interested. I really wanted friends to play it with, but the recent Epic acquisition has kind of put a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

My favourite stuff is that Hammers act like cannons and the repeaters giving ranged DPS options. Good Game.

Oh ok thanks. I thought pve meant player vs environment

[quote=“EmperorDuckie, post:8, topic:49421”]
I thought pve meant player vs environment
[/quote] It does, at least it’s the most common meaning

You could consider Dauntless PvE is you want, but I wouldn’t really consider it as such. A monster-hunting RPG is probably a more apt description, since MMO means the game world is populated with a large number of player characters simultaneously, which Dauntless does not have.

There’s also such a thing as player vs monster, so it might be helpful to call it a PvM RPG.

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